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A Quick Stop at the Natural Life Aquarium


They also sell snakes, lizards and parakeets.

We visit once in awhile. My son is 3 now

and trying to tap into every window

while I listen to a woman on the other side

among the freshwater tanks explaining to her friend,

When we finally separated, I changed my mind

and got my son a pet, zebrafish,

simple, a big bowl with rocks

and a decrepit castle.

My son is already there, tapping the glass

the fish zig zagging to his delight.

They are native to the Ganges

and in streams and stagnant bodies

            of water in ditches.

And I want to correct her.

Yes, they are simple.

One for $1.99, three for $4

and you can also cut them slightly

at home in the kitchen.

Squeeze out the two-chambered heart.

Chop off a chunk, at its apex,

staunch the bleeding and push it back in.

I keep telling myself even now

eight out of ten make it and go on

to regenerate what was amputated

through a series of clots.

Scarring vs. regeneration not understood.

The first full moon will see a new heart wall.

The next full moon will see the heart grown back

to its previous form

if only that were true

for us here.





© Robert S. Pesich, all rights reserved. This poem first appeared in the Spring 2011 edition of Porter Gulch Review

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